L’stone Pedicure    

Experience hot stone pedicure. Pedicure combined with soaking, an exfoliating scrub, callous removal, nail shaping leg and foot massage, your choice of polish. The finishing touch hot stone massage. You will leave feeling soothed.    45 min    


Peppermint Pedicure  

Ideal for walkers and runners. This treatment is perfect for swollen feet, improves circulation and revives aching muscles. Soothing peppermint mask, and leg massage help you feeling awake and minty fresh. 50min    


Tequila Shooter Pedicure    

If you are looking for the ultimate pedicure. This should definitely be your choice. Yes we use Tequila ! Warm stones melt stress and tension away. Treatment includes a full pedicure service, and leg massage.    45 min    $50

French Pedicure    

Includes a full pedicure service with warm stone massage, lotion application.    50 min    


Iconic Foot Bath 

A new detoxifying treatment that removes unwanted toxins from your body and revitalizes with nutrients. Discover the health benefits of an Iconic Foot Bath.    30 min