L’stone Manicure    

Hot stone manicure. Warm stones are used as distressing massage to melt stress and pain away in the hands. Essential oils stimulate circulation. Cuticle care, nail shaping, and your choice of polish.    30 min    


Timeless Hands Manicure    

Anti-aging manicure will improve any uneven tones in the skin, dry skin cells, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliation, mask, rich creams are applied to moisturize your skin. Full manicure service. You won’t believe your hands!    40 min  


Lightening Manicure  

 This manicure designed to remove sun spots, aging spots. Begins with gentle peeling, soaking, nail shaping. The secret is in application of a soothing concentrate with vitamins. This treatment firm and tone the skin. Hands turn silky smooth.    40 min    


French Manicure    

French manicure includes full manicure service with warm stone massage, lotion application    40 min    


Paraffin Treatment    

The treatment begins with warm paraffin wax. Help reduce swelling in joints, soothe the pain from arthritis, improve circulation. Excellent treatment for cracked heels and dry skin.         

Paraffin hand treatment  


Paraffin foot treatment