Body Treatments


You will be pampered head to toe! Spa Body Treatments offered to relax your body of stress, toxins, pain, and cleanse your skin. This allows your body to feel fresh and revitalized again.


Sea Salt Glow Polish  

A body peeling treatment that combines, Dead Sea Salts combined with essential oils. This treatment removes dead skin cells and impurities while stimulating circulation. Skin is silky smooth.    50 min  


Mango Body Buff    

This treatment is perfect for the most sensitive skin. Treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells, warm shower, application of Mango lotion, and a warm blanket. Excellent way to relax after long day!    50 min    


Moor Mud Body Mask Anti-Stress    

This treatment will relax you. Moor Mud deeply cleanses and revitalizes your skin. It’s also great for soothing tired muscles and joints. Mineral mud is applied to the body help release stress, and toxin. You're wrapped in a warm blanket after application of moor mud for 20 min. A gentle shower comes next followed by essential oils infused with moisturizer and rubbed on the full body.    50 min 


Lavender& Mango Glow    

Every body deserves some pampering, this treatment begins with full body exfoliation, warm shower followed by Lavender mix with Mango Glow Lotion, relaxing cocoon of healing and health.    50 min    


Cellulite Body Treatment    

Natural treatment, high quality products. Help to fight fat deposit, stimulate blood circulation, improve skin elasticity. Natural ingredients help to enhance toxin elimination, reduce cellulite. Comfort and relaxation to your body. For all skin types.    50 min    


Vitamin A-C-E Body Treatment    

This treatment focus on intensive firming hydrating and repair damaged skin. Rich with vitamins and minerals moisturizer deeply stimulates skin, metabolism, supplies moisture and firms the tissue. Starts with gentle exfoliation, shower, followed by A-C-E moisturizer reveals hydrated, smooth and firm skin.    50 min