L'Oréal Professionnel works in partnership with L’Oréal Professionnel salons to help hairdressers to dream, excel and succeed. Hair is the fashion accessory of today, worn everyday to reflect the personality of the individual, as important to the total look as any item of catwalk clothing. Everything we do reflects this passionate interpretation - from our inspirational live shows, to our seasonal colour collections. With L'Oréal Professionnel you'll be inspired to take fashion to your heart and create beautiful hair. L'Oréal Professionnel combines our passion for fashion with cutting edge technology, to bring you a portfolio of high performance products that meet your needs, allowing you and your hairdresser to push creativity and achieve outstandin results. L'Oréal Professionnel is the business and creative partner of over 1 million of the world's most dynamic hairdressers. L'Oréal Professionnel partners are growing faster than the total salon market. Be part of this success.


SkinCeuticals uses pure, pharmaceutical grade ingredients with   proven scientific results to maintain and improve skin health. Achieving   results means more than restoring youthful, radiant skin—it means   preventing serious skin conditions, like skin cancer.  Skinceuticals is famous for its antioxidants, but it   offers a full line of skin transforming products with scientifically   proven ingredients for people who do not want the downtime of a more   aggressive line. SkinCeuticals offers a variety of advanced skincare   products that work together to prevent and correct skin damage through  continued daily usage. 


The Moment Your Skin Changed. Forever. When Dermalogica meets skin, skin health is redefined. Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. Why? Because for over 25 years, we"ve been dedicated to delivering skin health results through education, innovation, and professional recommendation, not through advertising, frilly packaging, promises of miracle cures, or overblown hype. All Dermalogica products are non-comedogenic and contain no occlusive mineral oil or lanolin, no irritating artificial colors or fragrance, and no drying S.D. alcohol or formaldehyde.

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BABOR cosmetic is the best-selling, recommended skin care product system.
In Canada and United States BABOR is proud to serve many of the leading Resorts and Destination Spas. This exclusive clientele includes famous properties such as Still Water Spa, Orazio Spa, Sanctuary Spa. In United States Ritz-Carlton Spa, Caesar’s Palace Spa, and the Grove Chicago Spa. BABOR means top-quality cosmetics, unique blend of active ingredient, extremely well tolerated by the skin. Every woman has her own natural beauty that longs to be individually awakened and cared for -. BABOR skin system; Dry skin, Sensitive skin, Oily/Combination skin, Stressed skin in need of regeneration, Mature skin, Blemished skin.
BABOR knows the beauty formula;  And you always look good-even if you’re short of sleep.


OPI’s got entire rainbow of colors, for absolutely perfect nails. O.P.I was born in the winter of 1981 in North Hollywood, California.


Deborah Lippmann is a celebrity and fashion manicurist who has designed nail polishes for stars such as Lady Gaga, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lena Dunham. She has her own line of nail polishes with names inspired by the titles of popular songs.  Her nail polishes and views on current trends in nail fashion are often reviewed in popular beauty and nail magazines and blogs. She is known for keeping up with trends in nail color and design. To supplement existing nail-polish formulations and colors, she has collaborated with a chemist to create new ones.
Her eponymous line of nail lacquers, treatments and lipsticks was founded in 1999 with her husband, Jude Severin and her brother, Mark Lippmann.
Deborah has created new collections inspired by the hit HBO series GIRLS and TRUE BLOOD. Lippmann often collaborates with a number of her clients to create customized nail polish shades, including "Sarah Smile" for Sarah Jessica Parker, "Bad Romance" for Lady Gaga and "Walk Away Renée" for Renée Zellweger.


Zoya Nail Polish has been awarded as the longest wearing natural nail polish by an independent panel in Women’s Health Magazine. Zoya Nail Polish is a nail polish free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor. Nail Polish by Zoya offers over 300 gorgeous nail polish colors to choose from, plus 4 seasonal collections of nail polish every year. Zoya Nail Polish was specifically formulated to deliver the longest wear possible on natural nails. Zoya Nail Polish can be found in better beauty salons, spas.


There's nothing better than having the perfect tan—especially if you get it the safe way. Whether you prefer an all-over bronze glow or a lighter, natural tone, St. Tropez provides a powerful, healthy self-tanner for all types of sunkissed needs. Available in spray, lotion, or mousse forms, the fast-acting and luxurious formulas will always deliver the rich, even, and believable color you're craving.


Mango Vera Lotion - Hand and Body lotion contains luxurious blend of Aloe Vera and Lanolin.
Mango Vera Lotion the number one choice of salon professionals for many years unique blend has scent of a tropical mango.


Now you can grow longer, fuller, darker lashes. It's not an illusion. It's your own eyelashes--only better! Latisse® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03% is the first and only prescription treatment approved by the FDA for inadequate or not enough eyelashes, growing them longer, fuller and darker. It's a once-a-day treatment that works gradually and effectively. You apply the solution topically to the base of your upper eyelashes, as instructed by your doctor. Then, results start to show in as little as eight (8) weeks, with full results in 16 weeks.


Since its creation in 1948, the TALIKA laboratories have been developing original and effective products that suit women's needs perfectly. All started at the opthalmologic department of the famous Paris hospital "HApitaux de Paris". A young woman Doctor, named Danielle Roches, develops an anti-bacterial cream with plant extracts to help cure people suffering from face and eyes burns due to war casualties. The results of her cream are astonishing: the lashes of her patients regrow quickly and dramatically. This miracle discovery is the birth of Lipocils, universal "best seller", that has seduced and helped millions of women thanks to its efficacy. Today, Talika proposes original and effective solutions to eye care, hand care and nail care concerns. All products are clinically tested, independently, by a team of dermatologists at GREDECO - PARIS.



Inovacure, a Method that Works!

Inovacure’s specialists designed a simple and effective method to support quick weight loss and to help you to gain back healthy and balanced eating habits and to greatly reduce cellulite. This method is based on a high-quality protein intake in a daily diet.


Inovacure deals eating problems at their source are. We encourage habit change, we believe in client education and we lay great importance on the relationship with food. We aim at long-term results while suggesting practical and easy-to-integrate solutions in your daily routine.

A Simple Principle

Inovacure relies on a method that has been used for around 30 years called the “protein diet”. It consists on creating an energetic deficiency while reducing the caloric intake, which forces your body to use fat as its source of energy. As soon as you stop eating, your body is looking for a new energy source to feed on.

Inoa The Hair Color Of The Future

Innovation NO Ammonia - INOA. Discover the haircolor of the future by L'Oreal Professionnel.
The haircolor that provides supreme respect for the hair and optimized scalp comfort, covers up to 100%white hair. INOA is an oderless, ammonia free permanent haircolor that delivers the performance of a traditional haircolor featuring Oil Delivery system Technology.

Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation

Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation - is a breakthrough foundation to cover, help heal and minimize - even eliminate - procedural scars. Designed for doctors, Breathable foundation covers and treats a wide variety of skin problems: skin injuries, wounds, rashes, cracked, dry skin, acne scars, rosacea and other skin conditions. On post-surgical scars, patients are re-assured and impressed that after care includes safely camouflaging any evidence of surgery. "Ceravitae", the super charged oxygen complex in Breathable foundation, proliferates collagen cell and connective tissue growth in aging or wounded skin

The original beautyblender® is a revolutionary makeup sponge applicator with 360 degrees of usable surface for creating absolute complexion perfection. This five-time Allure Best of Beauty Award-winner is ergonomically designed to meet your makeup needs. beautyblender® is the first high definition, neon pink sponge application tool that gives you everything from amazingly sheer coverage to a buildable full coverage.


Eclipse Instant Hair Filler uses micro-fiber technology to create an instant bond with the natural hair to create the appearance of a thicker, fuller head of hair. Eclipse is completely safe to use. To apply, simply shake the fiber over your thinning areas and pat down. Once satisfied with the results finish with Eclipse Fiber Locking Spray to lock in the fibers for an all day, natural-look. Available in 3 colors in the economical 28 gram size makes Eclipse Instant Hair Filler clearly the best choice in Thinning Hair Products 

When searching the world for our ingredients, KEVIN.MURPHY looked for companies that use micro cultivation, organic growing practices, or ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques to ensure the KEVIN.MURPHY range is of the very highest natural quality. Vitamins and amino acids repair the outer surface of the hair, thickening the hair and reducing the formation of split ends.Moisturisers from Mango butter and Murumuru butter smooth the cuticles and soften the hair.Extracts from Peruvian Bark, Baobab, Bamboo and Orange Blossom infuse the hair with weightless moisture.Antioxidants from Kakadu Plum, Orchid, Lotus Flower and Desert Lime reduce breakage and repair chemical damage naturally.

                                       All KEVIN.MURPHY hair products are sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free.