Giva a Voluspa Candle gift and show you care!

Great gift for any candle lover

Voluspa Candles will provide you with the ultimate fragrance luxury. From the moment you illuminate one you will notice why these candles are made from the purest high grade ingredients. The fragrance comes through perfectly, lingering in the air even after the candle has been extinguished. And because of the high quality of the ingredients, the fragrances are pure, clean and refreshing. Once you've burned Voluspa Candles, you may not want to burn anything else


In the myth of ancient mythology, Voluspa means "goddess of wisdom” and to experience Voluspa Candles is to indulge oneself with luxurious fragrances that delight all of the senses. Creating the perfect gift was the original goal, but the candles soon became one of the first choices in candles for many, including celebrities such as Katherine Heigl, Jessica Simpson, Nick Verreos, Kevin Zegers, Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry. Kevin Sorbo, Nicole Eggert, Paula Abdul, Tori Spelling and Steven Speilberg. Voluspa is known for having top quality waxes and fragrances, but now they have out-shined themselves with some amazing new candles and a new wax that yields even richer fragrances and exhibits a more even burn.

The founders of Voluspa, Troy and Traci Arntsen, met when Troy was hired on as Traci’s boss at an essentials company where she was employed in 1999. There was an immediate attraction between them that blossomed quickly. Before long, Troy and Traci had left their jobs and started a highly successful company that came into play after Troy and Traci made their first scented candle in their own kitchen. They are now married and recently became the proud parents of a baby girl.

Through Troy’s engineering technical background and Traci’s knowledge of botany, along with her passion for tantalizing aromas, the two have made a name for themselves among the candle and fragrance industry. They recently created a creamy coconut base wax combined with soy and apricot that enhances fragrances, leaves a lasting scent for days, produces an extraordinary glow and burns more evenly and longer than even soy based waxes. Inspired by traditional candle-making formulas, Voluspa spent a lot of time mastering their unique new blend of wax and are one of the first in the industry to use coconut wax in candles.

Voluspa Candles can be found in the most prestigious shops around the world and this includes the three newer Maison lines that are both unique and familiar: Blanc, Noir and Rouge. Each of these lines consist of brand new scents along with some of the more popular scents that were already exclusive in the realm of home fragrance.